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We do enjoy building up a comfortable and safe environment within our school, thus we take all questions seriously and treat them with care. New and current students often send their personal questions by mail or contact us by phone, in case more information is required. In case your question has not been answered below, please feel free to contact us.

  1. Where do the lessons take place?

    Click on a blue marker to see which types of classes are offered at a location near you, or check our timetable.

    You can take private or group lessons for complete beginners to advanced level swimmers at one of our many locations throughout The Netherlands!  We have many locations for adult classes as well as classes for kids and families in South Holland and also in the Amsterdam and Eindhoven areas.

    More lessons times and locations are being added to our program constantly, so contact us if you want to join an existing class in our schedule , or if you would like to set up a private lesson time, which is possible at certain locations.

    Our Swimming lessons for adults and children are offered in the following locations.  Click your city to see when classes take place there.

    Amsterdam, The Hague (Den Haag), Diemen, Eindhoven, Leiden, Rotterdam, Voorschoten and Zoeterwoude

  2. I am afraid of water. Can you help me to overcome this?

    Yes we can!   Your Personal Swim Coach has all the experience and expertise needed to help you get over your fears, at your pace and in a way that ensures you will feel confident, relaxed, happy and successful!

    Our instructors are trained professionals in aquaphobia and you will find that whether in a private one to one swimming lesson or in one of our group lessons with like-minded adults, you will quickly start to feel comfortable in the water and really start to discover the joy of swimming!

    Just think of the possibilities that getting over your worries and learning to swim will bring!

    Enjoy a paddle at the beach!

    Swim with your loved ones, either in a holiday pool or as a fun weekend activity

    Go boating, kayaking, sailing, kite surfing, water skiing, rafting, paddle boarding…. the list is endless!

    Learning to swim opens up a whole new world to you and can mean a huge weight off your shoulders as your worries literally float away!

    Join our team of professionals for your first try out lesson today!


    Skilled swimming instructors


  3. Can I book a try out lesson without commitment to further lessons?

    Yes, if you book a try out lesson, there is no obligation to continue with lessons.  However, we feel confident that you will be feel very satisfied with our extremely high quality standard and the professional approach of our instructors.    Prior booking is required for a try out lesson and there is a cost for the lesson.   Please register using our contact form and we will be in touch as soon as possible!




  4. Can I book a Private Elite Class with my friend or spouse?

    You are both most welcome. From our experience, we can say that it is actually helpful and encouraging for either one of the partners, and a true morale and confidence booster. One of our first students were a couple.

    So to further spark your desire to learn swimming we offer a 10% discount in case you book a fixed lesson each week.

  5. Will the instructor be with me in the water or on the poolside?

    During our Private Elite Class and Small Group Class an instructor will be with you in water at all times; this helps us teach you better and faster, since adults often need more physical support. As our students progresses, we shall reduce the physical support and the time our instructor spends in the water with the student, in order to allow the development of self confidence and to better observe mistakes in stroke and body posture. All our beginners start in shallow water pools (chest deep – approx. 1,40 meters); as a smaller water depth would decrease your buoyancy. Even though we understand the comfort of the shallow pool, we highly recommend to continue to the advanced program in the deep water, because it will solidify the skills and knowledge you have acquired and after all that is the real deal.

  6. I’m an Muslim woman and have certain wishes and needs when it comes to my environment. Up to what level are you able to accomodate this?

    Your Personal Swim coach does have several veiled students. Both owners of the school are instructors and female and if required Private Elite Classe can be organized for female swimmers only. Since we rent pools in different locations, we cannot guarantee other male visitors or swimmers are not present. We do not own a pool, yet. The small groups and all other lessons are mixed groups. In 2015 we will offer a small group course for ladies only (in public environment) and in addition we shall start a “girls only” course in a closed pool soon. Enrolments are welcome, more details will follow and can be provided by contacting us.

  7. Should I inform the instructor about all my medical problems?

    It is important that our instructor is aware of all your medial background, also past experiences and any past injuries that may affect your swimming ability. This will ensure we can offer you a tailored leaning experience which will take into account your limitations and we can plan achievable steps for you to complete. For example, for those that went through a hip replacement procedure, we will avoid swimming the breaststroke. Our main concern is the safety of our students, besides fun and enjoyment, and by knowing your medical and physical state we can make sure that is the case for each and every one of our students.

  8. I need to cancel my lesson, with less than 24h before the lesson, due to an unforeseen situation at work. Why can’t you suspend your 24h cancellation policy?

    All students can cancel of reschedule single lessons by login-in into their personal Zwemscore account.

    To cancel or reschedule a single lesson without cost, you have to log in to your personal Zwemscore account and take the necessary steps. This can be done up to 24 hours before the scheduled lesson starts. We always try to be as flexible as possible within our operational constraints. You can request to change your lesson time, day, or pool and we will endeavour to accommodate your request, subject to a space being available.

    • – Cancelling or rescheduling a lesson and/or course by email, phone or verbally is not possible.
    • – Cancellation within 24 hours is on your own costs. Your Personal Swim Coach does not have the possibility to reschedule your lesson with such a short notice seeing that payments for renting the pool and of the instructors are made prior to the actual lesson. This is the only way the school is able to offer the highest level of instruction in small groups while still keeping expenses at a reasonable level.


  9. Can I still swim if I’m having my period?

    Female swimmers who have their period and are using tampons, should not have any reason to skip their swimming lesson. Although some women do experience cramps or lower back pain during this period of the month we advise you to come; swimming is actually a good way to get rid of this tensions in the muscles and back bones.  A session in the pool will make you feel much better than staying at home.

  10. Is it true that a higher percentage of body fat helps you float better?

    With very few exceptions, everyone floats, however most people think they are that exception when in reality 99,9% are not. Fat has a specific gravity of less than 1.0 and floats in water, while both bone and muscle have a specific gravity of slightly more than 1.0.

    Normal persons usually float to varying degrees and in varying ways. The degree of buoyancy is dependent upon several factors: in humans, the predominant constituent matters are bone, muscle, fat, air in the lungs and other structures, and fluids (e.g., blood). The proportions of these factors in an individual’s physical make-up determine the specific gravity, the ability to float, and the characteristics of floating. There is considerable variation in these factors among humans.

    Generally speaking, the elderly, women, and persons who are not physically fit have a tendency to float better because they have a higher fat to muscle tissue ratio even if they are very slim. Also, fully inflated lungs will enhance buoyancy tremendously.

    Thus, persons with a high proportion of fat will float better, while some individuals with very low fat levels, heavy bones, and high muscle mass will tend to sink.

    Read more about the science of floating.

"I saw your post on Facebook and decided it was a call to action that I can't ignore! My dislike of swimming started when a primary school teacher pushed me into a cold outdoor swimming pool. I did learn to swim eventually but was never comfortable about breathing technique in particular. Thanks for the lessons in the shallow water. I enjoyed each of them. "

Graham | UK

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