Parent & Child Classes

We offer family lessons for all ages and swimming levels.  Please scroll down the page to see our range of lessons.

Parent and Toddler Classes:

Our Parent & Child classes are specially developed for babies and toddlers (1,5 month – 3,5 years) to swim along with their parents or grandparents. The carefully designed lessons are 30 minutes and take place in pleasantly warm water (32 degrees Celsius).

During the Parent & Child classes, your child will becomes familiarized with the water through playful games, relaxation exercises, and songs and stories. When your child becomes comfortable in the water at an early age, it will benefit their progression in their regular swimming lessons starting at age 4 (Dutch ABC level classes). Besides, Parent & Child swimming stimulates the development of the general motor skills of your child as well and can be a great way to have fun and bond!

Kids ABC Classes:

These lessons are specially designed for small groups of children to progress through their Dutch ABC swim level classes. The classes are conducted in small groups and the parents can also take their lessons at the same time!

Family Lessons ABC:

Who does not want to spend more time with their child during the weekend? How about using that time to learn how to swim together?

Supported by our qualified coaches, we able to offer family swim lessons in Zoeterwoude and Voorschoten. We divide the pool into 2 sections; one side for children and one side for the parents.

After learning the basics of floating and swimming, you will be promoted to the deep-water pool where you can learn more advanced swimming and obtain an ABC diploma.

Why ABC?

On Sunday mornings, we teach in the deep-water pool in Voorschoten. Children and parents are swimming at same time in separate groups with personalized lessons from our instructors. The level is more advanced, so please contact us to find out if this level suits you and your children. Alternatively, we teach parents and children the basics in the shallow water pool in Zoeterwoude first. Lessons takes 45 minutes are taught in either in English or Dutch.

  • Locations: Den Haag, Zoeterwoude, Voorschoten.
  • Days and Times: Please check the new schedule for more information.