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Our team

  • Christina Founder and Co-Owner

    Thanks to an interesting and fortunate turn in my career, I ended up owning a swim school one day while I am originally an agronomist.

    After living in Kenya for two years, I came back to The Hague and decided to get off the corporate track for a while and continued doing what I really enjoyed while travelling through Africa; sharing my passion for exercising in the water and helping others to learn how to swim.

    "It humbles me that our students allow us to work with them. They are our heroes! Olympic swimmers are so overrated ;)"

  • Mandy Co-Owner

    Hi everyone! I started as an assistant teacher more than 10 years ago, while collecting all kinds of swimming diplomas meanwhile. This is where I found my passion for teaching children of every age range so I had got my qualification to become a teacher myself.

    Later on I gained a Master’s Degree in Pedagogical Science. This study is all about the progress of parenting and educating while interacting with the (disturbed) development of children and adolescents in their own environment.

    "I love to teach swimming skills to children and adults so much because, it gives these people more confidence. In and outside the pool!"

  • Rose Officemanager

    Bonjour, Hola, Konta, Ni hao, Hello, Hoi 🙂

    I have lived in several parts of this world thanks to hours spent in colleges. My final destination is the vibrant, beautiful and multicultural city of The Hague.

    I am honoured to be part of this great company where every student matters. I am the one who usually answers your burning questions by email, on social media platforms or by phone. Here at Your Personal Swim Coach, we will help you, guide you, assist you and be with you every step of the way and together we will make this journey of yours one to be remembered.

    Growing up on the warm beautiful island of Bonaire, I always thought that everyone loves the sea and swimming in it is just marvelous! Let’s jump into the deep blue sea, swim away and feel free.

    "So don't wait much longer, sign up today and let's start making your history memorable by tomorrow!"

  • Amber

    As a child I loved sports. Not just swimming, but every sport. As a result, I ended up pursuing my education in athletics. Teaching was something I enjoyed quite a bit and I soon found out that I could combine my two passions. It all just came together and just like that… I became a swimming instructor. In my 15 years of experience, I have taught people of all ages including babies. I have learned and achieved a lot throughout the years and am very excited to put that knowledge to use now in Diemen. I would love to help you to reach your swim goals.

    "Big goals, little goals, any goals - I am here to help. I truly believe that only those who attempt , will achieve".

  • Fahrad

    As far as I can remember I have always enjoyed being in the pool or sea. I am born and raised in Tehran,Iran. I gained my life guard diploma when I was 19 years old and during my university studies in Iran I also worked as a pool life guard. At the age 22 I received my coaching licence. I moved to Holland  to continue my studies at TU Delft university and  joined the swimming team (DSZ Wave). During my time as a student l participated in swimming competition, which I continue to do so today.
    I am passionate about helping other swimmers better themselves. for instance when I am at the pool swimming I don’t hesitate to offer up my knowledge to a swimmer who struggles with some techniques. After all these years of experiences I can help adults overcome the fear.

    "By dividing the complex swimming stroke into smaller steps, I help my students with accomplishing their swimming goals."

  • Kim

    Hello everybody, Kim here!  I start swimming when I was a baby and till today I still am swimming every week. I really like being in the water and how it makes me feel weightless. At an age of 12 years I started to teach children how to swim and from that moment I fell in love with teaching. It is very important for everyone to feel save in the water and I am happy that I can help with that.


    Let's work together, step by step, on your save feeling in the water.

  • Axel

    Hi all, I am part of the team in Diemen. I have spent a lot of time in pools; I was 8 years old when I started playing water polo and participated in competitive swimming. I picked up coaching when I was 15 years old and I am now still attending secondary school. The last 4 years I have been focusing more intensively on how to become a teacher and I have even got certified by KNZB. At the moment I am coaching the advanced swimmers which is such a joy for me; all the feedback that I am giving to my students makes them swim faster and with less effort each time.

    "Welcome students from whever you are. Diemen is my hometown so it would be my pleasure meeting you there in the pool."

  • Valerie

    I am an ex-pat who relocated to the Netherlands from the States just over a year ago. I have been swimming for essentially my entire life, my father tells me repeatedly that I was swimming before I could walk! I began participating in competitive swimming at 13-years-old and continued competing up through my years at University. My natural passion for swimming also translated very easily into my first job at 16-years-old as a swim instructor. I have been giving private and group swim lessons for more than 10 years to all variety of age groups and skill levels. In the last few years, I transitioned out of giving swim lessons and into coaching a non-profit swim team – Seastars Aquatics! I coached children of ages who struggle with mental, physical, or financial disabilities that would prevent them from participating on a normal swim team. It was extremely rewarding and a great time of my life.

    "I consider myself extremely lucky to be back in the pool giving lessons and sharing my passion for swimming since my move to the Netherlands."

  • Vasilis

    My name is Vasilis and I am from Greece. I obtained a degree in Sport Science with a specialization in guess what…. swimming!! Ι have worked at numerous swimming clubs in Greece for the last 8 years. I was also a professional swimmer till I turned 20 years old, I even had the honour to be part of the National team of Greece.

    I love working in the swimming pool, I really like to communicate with other people and to convey my knowledge in swimming. Every student is important to me and he/she will get my full attention, coaching and dedication.

    "I believe that the destination is not so important yet the journey definitely is. So let’s enjoy it while it lasts"

  • Romy

    Hi there, I am Romy, born and raised in Diemen so guess in which pool you can find me? 😉
    Ever since the first time my body touched the water, I have been in love with it. This has resulted in synchronized swimming for 8 years none-stop. In my everyday life I’m being schooled to become a programmer and my main interest is the gaming sector. However, the greatest game of life is to step out of your comfort zone and feel challenged. I feel so honoured to be part of that when it comes to teaching others how to swim.

    "Life is not a computer game, you have only 1 go!! So why not challange yourself once in a while and go a dive?!"

  • Armando

    Ciao Tutti, I swopped Milan for a new life in the Netherlands. I have been working for decades as a qualified teacher for adults and children. I can guarantee my full commitment to every swimmer in my class; beginners, advanced as well as masters. Within those 45 minutes, I will help you reach your next level. I love to see my swimmers get satisfaction when they reached their targets time after time. Whether it is a new stroke, a longer distance or a complete different exercise. Arrivederci !

    "We say...a man can live 5 days without water... only if he is not a swimmer!"

  • Paolo

    Hello everybody! This is Paolo; living in the Netherlands for the last four year while working as a software engineer.
    But many years ago I started my water experience in Italy!
    During the high school I was a waterpolo player, then during the university I got my patent as swim teacher and worked part time for many years as trainer for agonistic teams and teaching how to swim both to young kids and adults.
    Additionaly I’m an scuba diving instructor as well. Hence come meet me in Diemen and i will introduce you into the magic waterworld.

    My passion is to share my love for the magic of the waterworld. A world we all should enjoy for float, swim, dive and fun.

  • Ruben

    Ask me what swimming means to me and you get a cery clear answer; swimming means the world to me! The moment when you have total control about the water is really great. It gives you a feeling of being free. When I started playing waterpolo at the age of 12 I couldn’t swim very well, but I loved it immediately. Nowadays I’m still playing waterpolo and next to that I swim races at Master championships as well. Every Sunday, I lead a team of devoted coaches in Rotterdam. We welcome new swimmers every week.

    Being free and relaxing into the water, is by far the most important thing for me. I grant anyone those feelings.. So that is why I’m a coach at YPSC!

  • Aron

    At an early childhood, swimming was a big part of my life. Mainly, because I live near the sea so it was a must-have to learn how to swim at a young age. After I got my swimming certificates, I joined the rescue-squad in Katwijk. Joining the rescue-squad was a great way to combine my favorite hobby: swimming and to be able to rescue people who are drowning. After five years I quitted the rescue-squad with a big knowledge about swimming techniques. Currently, I am a chemistry student in Leiden.

    "Oxygen is overrated anyway ;)"

  • Sharon

    From the moment I started swimming, I had loved it. Mainly because it is like you are somewhere else. I appear to have talent for it too, so I joined some competitive swimming teams for a while. I think it is safe to say that swimming is my nature.
    I lived in Nigeria for some years, that is where my mom (also a teacher) helped out many locals who did not know how to float nor swim. Now I am working with scared adults myself. I put them at ease by telling them how I feel in the water. By giving them a different view, they get their minds off their fear.

    "Water puts me at ease because when I swim or go under water, all the noise around me fades away. I love to share this with my students."

  • Myrthe

    As far back as I can remember, swimming has always been a part of my life. My grandma and aunt taught me how to swim. Teaching others how to swim, just runs in our family, I guess. In my earlier years, I used to be a competitive swimmer. I even participated in the Dutch National Championships. Besides being a swimming coach, I am also a current bachelor student of human movement technology.

    "The fun part of teaching others how to swim is sharing the joy for water. Our students go home satisfied and with a happy face. That just boosts my energy."

  • Alexandra

    I’ve been swimming for as long as I remember; I’m pretty sure I began swimming before I started school. While I’ve done other sports on and off ever since, swimming is one that I’ve stuck to until now. For me personally it is both a great form of physical exercise and mental relaxation.
    I began teaching swimming in my last years of high school in Prague. At first I mainly taught young kids and teenagers, but gradually also adults.

    "I enjoy giving swimming lessons to all these different age groups as I think it's worthwhile to teach people what I believe to be a valuable and rewarding skill to have."

  • Parnia

    I started swimming at an early age when I arrived from Iran. My mother had also learned swimming in the Netherlands, so I had witnessed this process closely. Therefore I know firsthand how life changing it can be. I found my passion for teaching after I had finished high school. I decided to take a year off and become a swim instructor. Currently I am a bachelor student in chemistry as well.
    I get really excited when I see that my students are making progress. I prepare my lessons in advance in order to make sure that my students will have fun during the class.

    "To all the students out there, you may hate your coach once in a while. But you should know they are really happy to see you are learning. Your progress is their best reward."

  • Thierry

    I started swimming when I was four years old and the moment I jumped into the pool, I already knew that I would like it. It is great to float and to be ‘free’ in the water and for me it felt like entering a whole new world. It was something that I wanted to experience even more and deeper which is why I had kept going at it.
    I have got all my swimming diplomas by the time I was 14 years old and after that I just continued swimming. My coaches saw that I had more to offer, so they asked me to consider teaching. So I did that for a couple of years and then my path had crossed with an invite to study in order to become a legit coach. And that was my first experience as a pro.

    "Learning to swim is just like learning to walk or cycle. No one can learn that in one day, so give learning to swim time! And moreover.. .have fun!! Because that’s the most important thing!"

  • Urska AKA Nemo

    I made my first baby steps on the side of a local swimming pool, so it all began rather soon. They dubbed me “Nemo” as the fish in the movie Finding Nemo, which became my nickname; also because I was always swimming with orange swim caps on at the first club I joined. I guess my admiration for the Netherlands was shown at an early stage. Mid-way during my own professional swimming career, my coaching career has started.

    Being able to swim is one of the greatest super powers there is, and in time and dedication everyone can obtain it. Teaching someone how to swim is a challenge, but is very much rewarding for both parties.

    "Relax, take a deep breath and just keep swimming."

  • Lucio

    I am born in Sicily, where I played in the semi-professional water polo division for many years. At the young age of 19, after I was selected for a pilot training within the air force, I enrolled myself in the swimming section of the air force. After leaving the air force I realized I could also help other people by being more than just a uniform. Now that I am living in the Netherlands, I work as a physiotherapist. It allows me to keep people mobile and to motivate them to get and stay fit and healthy. Swimming is just the perfect excise to achieve that goal.

    "A perfect lesson is about letting go of your fears and having fun! And dont forget the technique I apply strictly."

  • Manon

    I am an ex-expat! While living overseas for many years in the Middle East and in the Far East, I was actively involved in several activities such as swimming lessons. Most of my students were children but during my final year in Qatar, I also coached several adults as well. I loved to teach and guide them while dealing with their fear of water.

    I have two daughters, both competitive swimmers who train twice a week. So believe me, I know firsthand what it takes for each individual to reach his/her goals!

    "Being able to help beginners swimmers to overcome their fears and to teach them the basics of swimming gives me great satisfaction."

  • Fabian

    I spent quite some hours in the pool already, mainly as a water polo athlete in the National League. Meanwhile I am really getting the hang of teaching and coaching others who are keen to become better and faster swimmers. While working with the children of a swim school in The Hague, I was schooled as a qualified swim instructor. I love the new challenge of teaching adults. They force me to explain the strokes in detail. Meanwhile I crack a joke occasionally when I think that it could help my students to relax a bit more.

    "I enjoy swimming very much but I like to teach it to other people as well, since I think it is an absolute must-have skill."

"Thank you for teaching me how to swim! Thank you for helping me overcome my fear of water! Thank you for transforming me into a confident and eager swimmer, who can hardly wait to get into water and improve both skills and abilities. I wish you will help and guide many more after me, because I know you take pride and satisfaction out of sharing your swimming knowledge. Every lesson with you is a joy. "

Claudia | Romania

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