Advanced Swimming Lessons 2

We have created this course for those swimmers who have enjoyed the first stage improvers class and now want to fine-tune their skills and acquire a larger knowledge of swimming. These adult swimming lessons are a perfect fit for all intermediate swimmers who would like to boost their stroke and breathing technique as well as their stamina and strength. We will make sure that all of our students are comfortable and enjoy their swimming lessons in order to ensure an optimal learning curve.

Throughout this second stage improvers swimming class, you will continue developing your skills and become a stronger, more independent swimmer. The importance of continuing one’s swim training cannot be stressed enough. For example: are you currently able to swim 100 meters using all swimming strokes and without needing a break?  This can you achieve this and much more!

This course is not just about swimming further or faster, you will also learn important survival skills and take your swimming ability to a new level.   Each lesson in this course is a solid 45-minute cardiovascular workout while you learn how to improve your technique. To ensure proper safety and skill development, this course is limited to 5 swimmers per instructor.

The ultimate goal of these lessons is to help you pass your second exam to receive your C diploma according to the Dutch ABC Swimming Guidelines.

  • Locations: Eindhoven, Den Haag, Leiden, Amsterdam, Rotterdam
  • Days and Times: Please check the new schedule for more information