Our Swimming Lessons

At Your Personal Swim Coach, we specialise in helping adults to feel confident and happy in the water.

It is never too late to learn something new, but it still takes courage to make that first step and actually sign up for swim lessons. We understand. And we want to help make it easier for you!

So, before committing to a whole swim program, prospective students are invited to enjoy a Try Out lesson at one of our locations with shallow water pools.  Find out what our students have to say about the lessons.

swimming lesson in progress

Our range of lessons are designed with your needs in mind!   Whether you are a complete beginner or you can already swim a little but need help to swim further or use different swim strokes, we have the perfect swimming lessons for you!  Swimming is a social sport and taking part in group lessons with adults of your same swimming level can be a really fun experience!  Learning 1:1  or 2:1 can help you to learn more quickly and also allow you greater flexibility of lesson times.

Through listening to you, our customers, we also understand that it can be convenient to learn together as a family with your children We also cater for baby and kids swimming lessons.

Improving your swimming can also open up the possibility to take part in many water sports classes. That’s why we can also help you to become a strong sports and open water swimmer, for lake swimming, sea swimming and even rescue swimming.



Swimming lessons for different levels

Our improvers classes are the best environment in which our swimmers can test and perfect their newly acquired skills and swimming knowledge. We will introduce them to swimming in deep water while in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.  Each lesson will guide them to the next higher level as they worked towards becoming an independent and responsible swimmer. These classes have the added bonus of offering our swimmers a low-impact cardiovascular workout and are also great exercise for flexibility and strength training. For those that want to take it up a notch and really feel that they are equipped to take on any situation in the water, we also offer the level 3 improvers and the Sport swimming classes.

For more details and information on all of our offered lessons, please Contact us!

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