I am afraid of water. Can you help me to overcome this?

Yes we can!   Your Personal Swim Coach has all the experience and expertise needed to help you get over your fears, at your pace and in a way that ensures you will feel confident, relaxed, happy and successful!

Our instructors are trained professionals in aquaphobia and you will find that whether in a private one to one swimming lesson or in one of our group lessons with like-minded adults, you will quickly start to feel comfortable in the water and really start to discover the joy of swimming!

Just think of the possibilities that getting over your worries and learning to swim will bring!

Enjoy a paddle at the beach!

Swim with your loved ones, either in a holiday pool or as a fun weekend activity

Go boating, kayaking, sailing, kite surfing, water skiing, rafting, paddle boarding…. the list is endless!

Learning to swim opens up a whole new world to you and can mean a huge weight off your shoulders as your worries literally float away!

Join our team of professionals for your first try out lesson today!


Skilled swimming instructors


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"Swimming is something I always wanted get comfortable with. Due to yours (YPSC) excellent teaching & instructions, my aspiration is now a reality. Asante sana. Please let me know about the classes you are planning to run next year. "

Harun | Kenya

Are you ready to give swimming a go?

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