Quite often the first question asked by our new students is: “how long will I need to become a good swimmer?”

In all honesty there is no one clear and straight answer for that question. In order to give an estimate regarding the time needed we need to take into consideration among others, the fallowing: your starting level of swimming skills, your personal background, the level of swimming proficiency that you have set as a target and of course how comfortable you are in water. After taking all these points into consideration and fallowing a discussion with you, we can estimate the timeframe needed to reach your target. Therefore our school offers tailored swimming lesson, which we feel better suits the needs of today’s students.

All beginners start in the shallow water (1.40m) and you can choose to book a Private Elite Class or join a Small group . After being introduced to the principles of floating, you will gain water confidence right away and start learning the four major strokes gradually. This will take some time and it differs from swimmer to swimmer. Both classes are used as transition from the shallow water to the deep water pool.

Whenever the beginning swimmer is strong enough, he or she can join the ongoing Advanced course on Sunday afternoon in the Overbosch Pool in Den Haag.

Our experiences tells us that it takes approximate 10 weeks to guide our students to the advanced program; an equivalent of the Dutch B Diploma. Additionally advanced swimmers are welcome to join our Workshop on Rescue swimming.

Early December, we finished our first advanced course successfully. This group of participants joined our school only last summer. All started in the small pool and continued their process by joining the advanced course in the deep water pool. Hence within 6 months it is possible to start at Zero and become your own Hero.

By the end of this program it appears that our students really enjoy a frequent swim, to relax or as a good exercise. Those continue their practice in the Advanced 2 class or Sport Class.

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