Swimming lessons Diemen

Swimming lessons Diemen

Just a stone throws away from Amsterdam, The AGO pool is hired for our school on Monday and Thursday evenings and offers a nice environment for beginners and pre-advanced swimmers. Beginners are welcome in the shallow pool where they are guided by our coaches in hands-on, personalized lessons. As soon as they have progressed a bit more, they will continue in the deep-water side of the pool at the same hour.

Our Lessons

Improvers Lessons , Advanced Swimming Lessons 2

Our Locations

AGO Zwembad

Kriekenoord 17, Diemen
Monday 20:15 – 21:00 Beginners & Advanced
Monday 21:00 – 21:45 Beginners & Advanced
Thursday 20:15 – 21:00 Beginners & Advanced


Ago Zwembad, Kriekenoord, Diemen, Netherlands


  • Romy

    Hi there, I am Romy, born and raised in Diemen so guess in which pool you can find me? 😉
    Ever since the first time my body touched the water, I have been in love with it. This has resulted in synchronized swimming for 8 years none-stop. In my everyday life I’m being schooled to become a programmer and my main interest is the gaming sector. However, the greatest game of life is to step out of your comfort zone and feel challenged. I feel so honoured to be part of that when it comes to teaching others how to swim.


    "Life is not a computer game, you have only 1 go!! So why not challange yourself once in a while and go a dive?!"

  • Fahrad

    As far as I can remember I have always enjoyed being in the pool or sea. I am born and raised in Tehran,Iran. I gained my life guard diploma when I was 19 years old and during my university studies in Iran I also worked as a pool life guard. At the age 22 I received my coaching licence. I moved to Holland  to continue my studies at TU Delft university and  joined the swimming team (DSZ Wave). During my time as a student l participated in swimming competition, which I continue to do so today.
    I am passionate about helping other swimmers better themselves. for instance when I am at the pool swimming I don’t hesitate to offer up my knowledge to a swimmer who struggles with some techniques. After all these years of experiences I can help adults overcome the fear.


    "By dividing the complex swimming stroke into smaller steps, I help my students with accomplishing their swimming goals."

  • Axel

    Hi all, I am part of the team in Diemen. I have spent a lot of time in pools; I was 8 years old when I started playing water polo and participated in competitive swimming. I picked up coaching when I was 15 years old and I am now still attending secondary school. The last 4 years I have been focusing more intensively on how to become a teacher and I have even got certified by KNZB. At the moment I am coaching the advanced swimmers which is such a joy for me; all the feedback that I am giving to my students makes them swim faster and with less effort each time.


    "Welcome students from whever you are. Diemen is my hometown so it would be my pleasure meeting you there in the pool."

  • Urska AKA Nemo

    I made my first baby steps on the side of a local swimming pool, so it all began rather soon. They dubbed me “Nemo” as the fish in the movie Finding Nemo, which became my nickname; also because I was always swimming with orange swim caps on at the first club I joined. I guess my admiration for the Netherlands was shown at an early stage. Mid-way during my own professional swimming career, my coaching career has started.

    Being able to swim is one of the greatest super powers there is, and in time and dedication everyone can obtain it. Teaching someone how to swim is a challenge, but is very much rewarding for both parties.


    "Relax, take a deep breath and just keep swimming."

  • Valerie

    I am an ex-pat who relocated to the Netherlands from the States just over a year ago. I have been swimming for essentially my entire life, my father tells me repeatedly that I was swimming before I could walk! I began participating in competitive swimming at 13-years-old and continued competing up through my years at University. My natural passion for swimming also translated very easily into my first job at 16-years-old as a swim instructor. I have been giving private and group swim lessons for more than 10 years to all variety of age groups and skill levels. In the last few years, I transitioned out of giving swim lessons and into coaching a non-profit swim team – Seastars Aquatics! I coached children of ages who struggle with mental, physical, or financial disabilities that would prevent them from participating on a normal swim team. It was extremely rewarding and a great time of my life.


    "I consider myself extremely lucky to be back in the pool giving lessons and sharing my passion for swimming since my move to the Netherlands."


"Really enjoyed last night's lesson! looking forward to the next one! :D "

Julie | Greece

Go for it! Learn how to swim with us!

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