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Friendship Sports Center in Amsterdam Noord is a hyper modern and originally built for children and adults with physical or mental disabilities. That is way the water is way the water is nicely warm. The beginning swimmers start in the shallow water, yhe coach is with you in the water to make sure that you are comfortable and safe. We offer private elite classes (maximum of 2 swimmers per coach) or small group classes (maximum of 6 swimmers per coach). As soon as you have progressed enough. you will continue your lessons in the deep-water pool.

Improvers and advanced swimmers, who want to brush up their skills to become a better swimmer are also welcome, they are welcome to book the advanced course.

The friendship Sport Center offers free parking places and there is a canteen as well. If you live in Amsterdam South, you may want to consider Diemen instead.

Our Lessons

Small Group Swimming Lessons , Improvers Lessons , Advanced Swimming Lessons 2

Our Locations

Friendship Sports Center

Beemsterstraat 652, Amsterdam

Friendship Sports Centre, Beemsterstraat, Amsterdam, Netherlands


  • Amber

    As a child I loved sports. Not just swimming, but every sport. As a result, I ended up pursuing my education in athletics. Teaching was something I enjoyed quite a bit and I soon found out that I could combine my two passions. It all just came together and just like that… I became a swimming instructor. In my 15 years of experience, I have taught people of all ages including babies. I have learned and achieved a lot throughout the years and am very excited to put that knowledge to use now in Diemen. I would love to help you to reach your swim goals.


    "Big goals, little goals, any goals - I am here to help. I truly believe that only those who attempt , will achieve".

  • Urska AKA Nemo

    I made my first baby steps on the side of a local swimming pool, so it all began rather soon. They dubbed me “Nemo” as the fish in the movie Finding Nemo, which became my nickname; also because I was always swimming with orange swim caps on at the first club I joined. I guess my admiration for the Netherlands was shown at an early stage. Mid-way during my own professional swimming career, my coaching career has started.

    Being able to swim is one of the greatest super powers there is, and in time and dedication everyone can obtain it. Teaching someone how to swim is a challenge, but is very much rewarding for both parties.


    "Relax, take a deep breath and just keep swimming."


"It has been great taking the classes from Tamara and I have seen so much improvement in my swim after our lessons with her. Thank you very much for the classes and the help! "

Ceren | Turkey

Imagine you are able to swim with your kids next holiday. That would be so much fun!

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