The science of swimming

Diploma success for kids and family lessons!

Your Personal Swim Coach is so proud of all the students! Many congratulations to our wonderful Diploma graduates who earned their certificates in Voorschoten this weekend! You were all amazing! Coaches Mandy, Christina, Aladin, Valerie and Thiery are really impressed with all your efforts! Find out more about how you can take an A, B or C level diploma, either as part of an adult lesson, a parent and child lesson or lessons just for your 

Centre of Buoyancy

The Center of Gravity is the point through which the gravitational force acts (usually in the region between the points of the hips when the body is in the anatomical position). Its magnitude is described as "weight". The position of the body segments determines the actual site of the Center of Gravity. Centre of Buoyance The Centre of Buoyancy is the point through which the buoyant force acts (usually in the lower chest area but it too is determined by the position of body segments). Some 

Floating in swimming

The buoyant force from water and the pull of gravity determines how an individual floats. It varies considerably between swimmers. It requires technique adjustments because it interacts with any movement principle. Basic Physics of Flotation When an object floats in a dense fluid, it is acted upon by two forces. One is the ever-present force due to gravity and the other is the buoyant force, the force exerted by the fluid on the object. When the object is symmetrical, such as a rectangular 

Aquaphobia aka Fear of Water

What is Aquaphobia? Even though it is not in the top 10 most spread phobias, it can create havoc. This fairly common specific phobia that involves a level of persistent and abnormal fear towards water and water related activities is beyond the person’s control and it may interfere with his or hers daily life. People suffer of aquaphobia in many different ways and may experience it even though they fully realize that the water in an ocean, a river, or even a bathtub poses no imminent threat. 

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