Job vacancies

We are looking for swim instructors who fit in our Golden Team

Your Personal Swim Coach, was founded in Den Haag during summer’14. An organisation built on passion; passion for swimming and people. The management and all its instructors are enthusiastic and devoted teachers, driven by an intrinsic desire to share the beauty of swimming with as many people as possible.

Thanks to a successful formula and the power of mouth to mouth advertisement, Your Personal Swim Coach will further expands its branch network across The Netherlands soon. That is why our team is always open to new, qualified swimming instructors to join our highly professional and customer-focused team.

Successful Swimming Instructor



Gevers Deynootweg 201, Den Haag, Nederland

Thorbeckelaan 350, The Hague, The Netherlands

Vlaskamp 1, The Hague, The Netherlands

Van Maanenstraat 8, Rotterdam, Nederland

Geldropseweg 17, Eindhoven, Nederland

Richard Wagnerlaan 85, Voorschoten, Nederland

Blankaartweg, Zoeterwoude, Nederland

Wassenaarseweg 501, Leiden, Nederland

Van Stolkweg, Den Haag, Nederland

Kriekenoord 17, Diemen, Nederland

Antoon Coolenlaan 1, Eindhoven, Nederland

D.J. Den Hartoglaan 10, Diemen, Nederland

Beemsterstraat 652, Amsterdam, Nederland